Tax Advice

Tax Counsel From The Big Picture Down To The Details

Taxes are a complex and often stressful matter. If you are facing a dispute with the IRS or the court, the pressure is likely to increase. Taxes can have a serious impact on finances, so taking the right action is critical.

At Bingham Legal Group PC, we can guide you through tax issues with knowledge, professionalism and strategy. We will assess the broad picture of your goals as well as the intricacies of your tax obligations. Whether you have a personal, business or estate tax problem in Michigan, you can depend on our experienced tax attorneys.

Tax Support For Individuals And Entities

We provide a variety of tax-related services at the state and federal levels, such as:

  • Personal tax planning, including considerations for your estate plan, retirement and health care
  • Business tax planning and filing
  • Advice for estate taxes in probate and trusts
  • Resolution of late or unfiled tax returns
  • Representation for IRS disputes, tax audits and tax crime defense

Our team features professional financial and legal insight. We are ready for the challenges of your case. You can expect to work directly with one of our lawyers throughout your case to find an efficient remedy.

When Trouble Looms, We Will Protect You

A tax misstep may have serious consequences ranging from liens to criminal charges. Unfortunately, many types of financial and life circumstances can lead to a confusing tax problem. Solving such a problem on your own can be risky.

Whether you are budgeting or addressing an existing issue, we can help you choose the right course of action to avoid costly mistakes. It is sometimes possible to negotiate with the IRS when a tax dispute arises. As your lawyers, we can use our skills to pursue a repayment plan or an offer in compromise when available for back taxes.

Consult With A Tax Attorney

Legal issues often intersect with taxes, including issues of property ownership, business law, transactions and estate law. Bingham Legal Group PC can provide advice that considers multiple legal and financial matters to individuals in the Metro Detroit area and throughout Michigan. Call 248-598-1919 or email the office in Bingham to schedule a consultation.