Probate And Trust Litigation

Bingham Farms Probate Litigation Attorneys

Losing a loved one is a time when family and friends should be mourning his or her loss. Far too often, however, they end up arguing over an inheritance. Probate litigation can be fierce, complicated and emotionally difficult for everyone involved. Whether you are defending against a contested will or trust, or contesting a will or trust, it is essential to work with a team of attorneys with probate litigation experience that will protect your interests.

Seeking to Mitigate the Ramifications of Inheritance Disputes

The Metro Detroit probate litigation lawyers at Bingham Legal Group PC have over 20 years of probate litigation experience. We offer probate litigation services marked by experience and skill, with a focus on providing our clients with personal attention and individualized service. We take the time to understand each client’s unique case and fight to protect each client’s interests in litigation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Will Contests and Other Estate Litigation

Bingham Legal Group PC handles simple and complex issues of probate litigation, including:

  • Will and trust contests: Sometimes the dispute arises over the documents themselves. When a will or trust is ambiguous, or when multiple estate planning documents conflict, disputes arise that can lead to litigation.
  • Lack of capacity: For a will or trust to be valid, the testator has to be of sound mind and free from undue influence. Arguments arise when undue influence is suspected or when the testator’s capacity is in question.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Personal representatives, trustees and other probate agents are bound by a fiduciary duty. Litigation often results from accusations of self-dealing, undue influence or error.
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