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Fiduciary Duty Representation

Being named to a trustee, personal representative (formerly called “executor”), power of attorney or other probate agency role is both an honor and a responsibility. It means that someone has placed a great deal of trust in you, and it places a high duty on you to fulfill that trust. Without proper legal guidance, far too many people in these roles have failed in their duties, creating potential for costly litigation for themselves.

At Bingham Legal Group PC, our lawyers work to ensure that no possible issue is overlooked. With more than 20 years of experience, our Metro Detroit probate attorneys can give you the legal guidance you need to adequately fulfill your fiduciary duties. Contact us today to learn more about fiduciary duty, tax planning and other probate issues.

Probate and Trust Representation

We represent clients in probate and trust matters that include:

  • Probate and trust administration: We advise trustees and personal representatives (formerly called “executors”) regarding all aspects of post-death administration, including their responsibilities, filing deadlines, taxes, distributions to beneficiaries, and dealing with real estate and creditors.
  • Estate administration: We provide estate guidance and education to individuals and families dealing with the loss of a loved one.
  • Probate and trust litigation: We represent fiduciaries (trustees and personal representatives) and beneficiaries when any aspect of estate or trust administration is in dispute.
  • Will and trust contests: We handle litigation for clients who are defending the validity of a will, or those who are challenging the terms of a will or trust.
  • Guardianship and conservatorship: When a person becomes incapacitated (no longer able to make important life decisions) without a power of attorney or Designation of Patient Advocate, the court will appoint a guardian and conservator to handle the ward’s financial and personal matters. We help clients petition the court to appoint a guardian or conservator. We represent guardians and conservators in the administration of their roles and proposed wards in opposing the appointment of a guardian or conservator.
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