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After losing a loved one, you have many things to think about, not the least of which is figuring out what happens to the deceased’s property. It may be the last thing you want to worry about, but it must be done. The good news is that you do not need to figure it out alone.

At Bingham Legal Group PC, our team is led by estate planning and probate attorney Lauren M. Underwood, a Detroit probate lawyer with nearly 30 years of experience. The estate planning and probate process is not simple or easy to navigate without the guidance of a skilled Michigan probate lawyer. We will be here for you at every step of the process, even if disputes arise among family members or other interested parties.

Estate and Probate Administration Has Many Facets

How much are the assets worth? How can you ensure they are distributed in accordance with your loved one’s wishes? What about debts? Estate and probate administration have many facets. Our Michigan probate attorneys can ensure that you comply with relevant probate laws, settle all debts, distribute assets, and meet filing and accounting deadlines and guidelines.

If your loved one dies without a will, Michigan law will dictate how assets are handled. We can protect your interests during the probate court process. Your loved one may have left a trust in place of, or in addition to, a will. We can explain to you how these documents may differ and affect one another.

Why do I need a Probate Lawyer in Detroit, MI?

Two of the most common reasons why you may need a probate lawyer in Michigan are if your loved one died without a will or trust, or if your loved one’s estate is complex and requires specialized knowledge to administer.

If your loved one died without a will or trust, their estate will be distributed according to state law. This may not be the way that your loved one would have wanted their assets to be distributed. A probate lawyer can help you to navigate the probate process and ensure that your loved one’s assets are distributed according to their wishes.

On the other hand, If your loved one’s estate is complex, it is important to hire a probate lawyer who has the specialized knowledge and experience to administer the estate. Complex estates may involve multiple assets, including real estate, businesses, and investments. Probate lawyers can help to ensure that all of the assets are properly valued and distributed to the beneficiaries.

Additionally, If you are facing challenges from creditors or there are disputes among the beneficiaries of your loved one’s estate, retaining skilled representation in the field of probate law is crucial. Probate lawyers can negotiate with creditors on your behalf and represent you in court if necessary, and can help to resolve beneficiary disputes through mediation, negotiation, or litigation.

What does a Michigan probate lawyer do?

In Michigan, probate attorneys work to provide their clients with valuable guidance and support throughout the probate process. They can explain the process step-by-step, answer any questions their clients may have, and help them to make informed decisions about their estate and probate law in the state of Michigan.

Some of the benefits of retaining a probate attorney can include the following:

  • Skilled preparation and filing of probate documents: Probate lawyers are experts in probate law and have experience drafting and filing all of the necessary probate documents. This includes documents such as the petition to open probate, the inventory of assets, and the final account.
  • Representation of clients in probate court: Probate attorneys can represent their clients in probate court. This may be necessary if there are any disputes among the beneficiaries, if the executor is facing challenges from creditors, or if there are any other complex legal issues that need to be resolved.
  • Negotiating with creditors and other interested parties: Probate lawyers can negotiate with creditors and other interested parties on behalf of their clients. This may be necessary to reach an agreement on how the decedent’s debts will be paid or to resolve a dispute over the ownership of an asset.
  • Resolving disputes among beneficiaries: Probate attorneys can help to resolve disputes among beneficiaries. This may involve mediation, negotiation, or litigation.

When Disputes Arise and Probate Litigation Is Required

It is common for family members and other interested parties to disagree during the probate process. Our firm has helped countless individuals and families through probate and trust disputes, including contesting the will and claims that a fiduciary breached his or her duty.

Settling Your Loved One’s Affairs With The Michigan Probate Process

The death of a loved one will often lead to a lot of grief for family and friends. It can be difficult to focus on the future at this time, but there are still important issues that need to be addressed. If the deceased had a will or other estate plan in place, it may be necessary to submit the information to the probate courts to start the probate process.

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