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Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which a neutral third party known as the arbitrator hears both sides of the legal dispute, and then renders a decision. There are a number of advantages to arbitration, including significant time and cost savings.

If you are seeking an arbitrated solution to your legal dispute, it is very important that you work with an experienced legal representative who will help you protect your rights and interests. The decisions made by an arbitrator will be binding, just like the decisions of a judge or jury. Given the possible long-term consequences, it pays to have a skilled attorney at your side throughout the arbitration process.

Bingham Legal Group PC provides talented legal representation to Michigan residents who are preparing for arbitration. Our lead attorney, Lauren Underwood, has extensive experience with a number of ADR techniques, including arbitration. When you work with our law firm, attorney Underwood will guide you through the entire process, helping you pursue the most favorable possible result.

A Cost-Effective Option

In an arbitration proceeding, both parties meet with the arbitrator and make their case directly to him or her. Unlike the process followed in mediation, the arbitrator will not facilitate a discussion between the two parties in an effort to create a compromise. Instead, the arbitrator will listen to each side’s arguments and then render a decision based on the facts presented.

Arbitration is a good choice in many situations, as it allows both parties to resolve their conflict quickly and cost-effectively. These advantages are especially beneficial to small businesses, as these companies may not have the resources or the in-house expertise required to handle prolonged litigation. Arbitration gives businesses the opportunity to resolve their disputes and return to work in a timely manner.

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