The Benefit of Specifics When Writing Your Will

When you start writing your will, you may feel overwhelmed at the breadth of topics to discuss in this important document. Fortunately, writing a will does not require completion in a week or even a month. 

While experts recommend having a written will as soon as possible, you can spend all the time you want to get it just right. Your attention to detail and your effort to be as specific as possible is well worth the time it takes to write. 


Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons for you to be as detailed as possible is to reduce the chances of your family members squabbling over your intentions following your death. According to U.S. News, hoping that everyone will know what you want is simply not enough. People may have different ideas of what you would have wanted and who you would have wanted to benefit from specific assets. 

Writing a will is your chance to provide context to your intentions. With clearly written guidelines for how you would like your inheritance distributed, you can leave little to the imagination. You may even wish to discuss your will with your family right now to provide optimal clarification for your end-of-life wishes. 


Another notable benefit of using specific language and examples in your will is to provide your surviving family members with comfort after your death. Their confidence knowing that their decisions match what you would have wanted can provide them with reassurance and allow them time to properly mourn your death. 

You may also add personalized letters to your will where you can address your desire for your family following your death. You can talk about the legacy you wish to leave behind, as well as characteristics you feel contribute to your family‚Äôs name and memory. These mementos may provide your family members with a priceless keepsake.