Is your executor right for your estate?

When Michigan residents make an estate plan, finding an executor is key. This is one of the first steps you should take. An executor will help manage your estate after your passing. They handle matters related to your will and assets.

Today we will look at ways to select the right executor. Doing so can guarantee your peace of mind. The right executor will meet your wishes.

Estate executors as professionals

HuffPost looks at ways to choose the right executor. First, they look at a person’s skills when it comes to organizing projects. An ideal executor should have some experience running things on their own. They should understand how to create schedules and stick with them. They should be timely and stay on track with deadlines. They should manage themselves well without having anyone to oversee them.

Interpersonal and communicative skills are also key. They will handle contacting your loved ones and relatives. They should understand how to communicate with people who are grieving. They should do it in an efficient, professional and respectful way.

The importance of free time

Next, they should have free time. Probate often takes years to complete. No matter how skilled a person is, you may want to pass them over if they have big plans ahead. This can include plans to start a new business or to marry and have children. You do not want your executor to have many large projects going on at once.

Finally, an executor should hold similar core values and beliefs to you. They will make decisions in your stead. It is important that they answer in a way that you yourself would. This can help save you anxiety if you know they will handle it this way.