Creating an estate plan during a midlife crisis

When people find themselves in the middle of a midlife crisis, multiple challenges often arise. Some people experience difficulty in their relationships, while others have a hard time in the workplace because of the emotional challenges they are working through. There are a number of ways to address a midlife crisis and many people find value in creating an estate plan. Not only does this offer reassurance and peace of mind, but it helps support loved ones later on. However, our law office realizes that for those experiencing hurdles due to a midlife crisis, approaching the estate planning process is often more challenging. 

There are various reasons why those going through a hard time because of their age struggle with an estate plan. Sometimes, estate planning triggers a midlife crisis, while others face even stronger emotions while thinking about end of life issues (even if the end of one’s life is many years away). However, it is important to focus on the positive aspects of setting up a will or trust. Those who have decades of happy and healthy years ahead of them benefit from having an estate plan in place, since these plans provide reassurance and eliminate uncertainty over what will happen to one’s estate down the road. 

Sometimes, midlife crises drain people of their energy and leave them with depression and other challenges. It is important to address these negative feelings and make sure they do not interfere with estate planning. Head over to our page on creating an estate plan if you are interested in reading other topics related to this process and some of the issues that require consideration.