How to minimize family disputes about your estate

You can put together a well-thought-out and detailed estate plan in Michigan, but if your family wants to argue over it, then there is really nothing you can do once you are gone. The best way to ensure your estate plan stays exactly as it is and follows your wishes is to handle family disputes now while you are still here to address the situation. 

Forbes explains that arguments or squabbles among family could leave your estate in limbo, which could hurt those dependent on you for financial care. If you want to protect your final wishes and make sure family disputes do not cause chaos after your death, then start by identifying possible issues. 

Areas of contempt 

If you know that your children tend to disagree over everything, then expect them to disagree over your plan. Watch out for spouses who may try to influence your family members to contest your will or make a fuss over something. Also, watch out for anyone who may try to take advantage of the situation to try to get him or herself involved. Finally, pay attention to issues that could come up if you have a second family. 

Act now 

What you need to do is address any problems you see right now. Make it clear what you want to happen and what your wishes are. Allow anyone with an objection to speak out, and handle the situation while you are still alive. Also, make sure that you spell out and explain anything that could cause controversy, so there are no misunderstandings. 

Often, just letting your family know what to expect can prevent issues. Furthermore, when you make it clear to everyone that this is what you want and there were no mistakes or coercion, you protect your estate legally because it leaves less room for someone to contest your estate plan.