Can you prevent a contested will?

As you work on your estate plan in Michigan, you may worry about any potential drama that occurs after you die. How can you prevent it? Is there any way to prevent a contested will?

Do not keep your will a complete secret. While you should not brag about your estate or talk about your will often, you do not want to stay silent about the will. You need to let your loved ones know why you made the decisions that you made within your will. For instance, the Balance suggests that if you disinherit one of your children, you should inform your loved ones and have reasons prepared.

You should also remember to update your will regularly. Do not forget about your will after you write it. You should not discard it somewhere and never look at it again. It is important that your loved ones know that you kept up with your will and had very clear wishes that are current. This also means that you want to plan your estate as soon as possible. You always want to be clear-minded and have very set ideas and goals about your estate so that another person cannot say otherwise.

You can also choose trusts over wills for the sake of avoiding probate. Trusts can also be beneficial because they can go into effect even while you are still alive. Wills, on the other hand, are only valid after you die.

The above information is supposed to provide tips on how to keep your will uncontested. It is not meant to be interpreted as legal advice.