Make sure you name a guardian for your minor children

No one wants to think of dying, but it is important to plan for it, or else things can get really messy. For parents with young children in Michigan, naming a guardian is imperative in the unfortunate event both parents pass away before the kids turn 18. There are a number of factors you should consider before making a decision so your children get the best care possible.

According to FindLaw, legally a guardian is a person you name to take care of the needs, such as shelter, medical care, food and education, of a child. All this is important; however, choosing a guardian in this situation is about so much more, so there are a variety of considerations you should have before you name one for your children. outlines some important factors you and your spouse should discuss about potential guardians. One is the financial ability of the person to take care of the needs of your kids. While your estate should be able to cover all the expenses, it is still important the guardian have a big enough home and a good job. It is important to try and choose someone who shares the same beliefs and values you do, and that the person is physically and mentally up to the task.

If a potential guardian already has family of his or her own, consider how your children will fit in to the mix. While it is ideal if the guardian lives locally, it is not the most important consideration if you have the perfect guardian elsewhere. Also, it is a good idea to name just one person as the guardian, as opposed to a couple, as things like divorce can cause issues down the road.