Removing your former spouse from your will

Whether a marriage breaks down because of a partner’s infidelity or a married couple grows apart after many years, countless factors can lead to a divorce. As if the divorce process is not challenging enough in and of itself, there are other legal considerations that may arise in the wake of a divorce, such as those involving an estate plan. For example, it may be smart for you to take a look at your will and ensure that any necessary changes resulting from your divorce have been taken care of.

Some people assume that since they are divorced, their former spouse will not be entitled to any of the assets of their estate. However, they may be able to receive property if the will is not updated, so it is imperative to carefully examine your will and make sure that your estate will be managed according to your wishes. Going through a divorce can be difficult, and some decide to postpone estate plan revision and other key tasks once their divorce has been finalized. However, doing so can not only give you peace of mind, but it can help ensure that your property is handled correctly after you pass away.

Aside from gaining access to assets, there are other reasons why people may need to change their will following a divorce. For example, changes involving their children or stepchildren may be necessary, and some people may want to remove other abilities that they have given to their former spouse through their will.