Family, estate planning and the holidays

When the holiday season rolls around, people may have a variety of feelings, from excitement to loneliness and stress. Many different family issues may come to a head during the holidays, especially since many family members may be seeing each other for the first time in months (or even years). Our law office knows that estate planning matters can also be difficult to deal with during this time of year and you may be unsure of how to approach the subject with your loved ones. For example, you might decide to discuss your estate plan with your relatives over the holidays. Or, perhaps you have already announced some aspects of your estate plan and there is disagreement.

Family members may agree with many different decisions related to an estate plan. For example, they may not agree with the way in which their loved one decided to distribute assets. Or, perhaps they believe that someone else should have been in charge of the estate plan. These are just some of the potential hurdles that can arise at any time of year but over the holidays they can be even more complicated because all family members are coming together.

One way you could be able to make these matters easier to deal with is by reviewing your estate plan and having a solid grasp of how your loved ones will be affected by your decisions. Please take a look at our page on estate plans if you are dealing with issues related to revising or creating a will.