Addressing a probate dispute after losing your spouse

The probate process can bring up many challenges, and these hardships can be especially hard for some people (such as those who lost a loved one in recent weeks or months). If your spouse passed away, your entire life may have changed in numerous ways and you could be struggling on a daily basis. You may be completely unsure of how to move forward and to make things worse, you may be going through a probate dispute. Our law office knows that these disputes can shatter families across the state of Michigan and they should be handled appropriately.

Losing a marital partner can lead to emotional pain, financial struggles, extreme levels of anxiety and uncertainty over how the estate will be handled. Worse, estate matters can lead to hard feelings and resentment. In some instances, family members may turn against each other because they are not happy with the decisions that were made by someone who has passed. It can be helpful to discuss these issues with your family and look for ways to restore peace and pursue an amicable outcome. However, we are fully aware that this cannot always be accomplished and some disputes result in lifelong bitterness.

If your spouse passed on, you should try to address any negative emotions you have and look for ways to make the probate process easier. Know what your rights are and figure out the best way to handle each challenge you are confronting. Our probate page has more on legal matters concerning the probate process.