Estate planning and back-to-school season

If you have kids in school, September may be a hectic month, to say the least. Not only could your kids be facing challenges related to school, from adjusting to a new daily schedule to issues involving classmates or schoolwork, but you may have additional stress as well. After all, driving kids to school and extracurricular activities can be demanding. Some parents allow these stressors to get in the way of creating an estate plan during this time of year, but it is extremely important to make sure that you do not push off estate planning.

First of all, you could be able to reduce your stress levels by carefully reviewing your different options and gaining confidence in the decisions you make with respect to estate planning. There are many options on the table, such as different types of trusts or perhaps a will. Reviewing your individual circumstances is paramount. For some parents, this is an excellent time of year to set up an estate plan. For example, the house may be quieter with kids in school and other stressors (such as the holiday season) are not present.

Estate planning during the back-to-school season does not always have to be complicated, and you may feel a sense of accomplishment and have peace of mind once you are all set. After all, you can help ensure that your kids receive the support they need in the future by having a solid estate plan in place. Parents can visit our estate plan section to read more information regarding setting up an estate plan.