Finding the right special needs trustee

In one of our recent posts, we reviewed some of the reasons why special needs trusts are advantageous for some people. If someone you love has special needs and you are interested in helping them down the road, this option could be ideal. However, the Bingham Law Group also recognizes that a number of questions may arise for people in Detroit and other parts of Michigan who have decided to move forward with a special needs trust. For example, you may be unsure of who to choose as the trustee and finding the right person is paramount.

First of all, it is important to make sure that a prospective trustee will have enough time to carry out his or her responsibilities. There are a variety of tasks that trustees may need to perform and these responsibilities can be demanding, especially for someone who has other commitments. Next, you should consider the amount of control you will be handing over to the trustee and make sure that you find someone who you trust, especially since they will be in charge of important matters affecting your loved one.

One of the benefits of special needs trusts is that they allow beneficiaries to continue receiving support from public benefit programs. As a result, the trustee you choose should be familiar with these programs and able to make sure that your loved one’s eligibility for these programs is not jeopardized. It is crucial to take all of these factors into consideration when looking for the right special needs trustee.