Estate planning and procrastination

Estate planning can be tricky for many reasons, as we have talked about on this blog. For some people, the very idea of setting up an estate plan may be upsetting. Some people may not want to think about the future, or what will happen to their loved ones after they pass away. For others, daily life may be so hectic that the idea of working through estate matters seems overwhelming. Furthermore, some people simply have a tendency to procrastinate. However, pushing off estate planning can be problematic and many people feel a sense of relief after they properly create an effective estate plan.

Our law firm understands that estate planning can be challenging for various reasons and that each person is in a unique situation. Some people may be experiencing major hurdles in their life, which were completely unexpected. For example, the loss of a job, a divorce, problems with family members and all sorts of other issues can interfere with someone’s ability to focus on their estate. However, this is an extremely important responsibility for many people that should not be pushed off. Moreover, some of these changes (job loss, ending a marriage or a car accident) can actually necessitate revising an estate plan.

It is crucial for you to do all you can to ensure that your assets are distributed among your loved ones in accordance with your wishes after you pass away. Our estate planning section goes into more detail on various facets of creating an estate plan.