Revising your estate plan over a serious injury

People find it necessary to go over their estate plan for diverse reasons. Not only can the end of someone’s marriage or a change of heart prompt revisions to an estate plan, but there are other major life changes that can impact someone’s estate, such as a debilitating injury. When someone suffers a major injury that leaves them immobilized or adversely affects their life in other ways, they may struggle to move forward from an accident that caught them completely off-guard. However, recovering in every way possible is crucial for people who are dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury and estate plan revision is one area that should not be overlooked.

Serious injuries that leave people unable to walk or perform certain functions can disrupt life in all sorts of ways. For example, someone may have suffered a brain injury that results in many different life changes. Or, someone may lose the ability to continue working because of an injury, bringing financial devastating into their life. Hospital expenses and costs associated with rehabilitation are other ways that injuries can change someone’s life from a financial perspective. Moreover, someone struggling with a severe injury may find that their relationships with certain family members change.

From removing beneficiaries to changing the way in which assets are split up once one passes away, injuries can necessitate a number of changes with respect to an estate plan. Visit our page on estate plans if you are interested in accessing more info on revising an estate plan.