Handling a probate dispute with your sibling

There are many different reasons why disputes come up during the probate process, but some can be especially challenging to work through. For example, someone may find themselves in a dispute with their brother or sister for any number of reasons and these disagreements can make the loss of a loved one even more challenging for the entire family. If you are in the middle of a dispute with your sibling over an estate-related issue, it is crucial for you to do what you can to resolve the issue fairly and minimize negativity, if possible. However, you should also know your rights and stand firm if they have been violated.

You could be in charge of an estate plan as the executor but your brother or sister may be accusing you of breaching your fiduciary duties, such as claiming that you have not disbursed assets to beneficiaries appropriately. These disagreements may also arise over jealousy or bitterness, such as a sibling who believes that they should have been the executor or that a particular sibling is unfit for the position. On the other hand, you may be a beneficiary and you could be upset because you believe that the executor has failed to abide by their fiduciary duties. Moreover, probate disputes can arise between beneficiaries. For example, your sibling may be upset that certain assets were passed down to you.

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