Naming a new executor after your divorce

With the end of marriage, your life could change in many different ways. For example, the amount of time you are able to spend with your children may differ, or you could face financial issues as a result of child support, alimony, or adjusting to life without your spouse. However, splitting up with a marital partner can also affect your estate plan, of course. Typically, a divorce will revoke a spouse’s appointment as the executor of an estate. Once your divorce has finalized, you may be looking over the different ways your life has changed and trying to move forward. For example, you may be trying to decide who to name as the new executor of your estate.

Often, it is easy for married couples to name their spouse as the executor of their estate. After all, they are probably very close to each other and capable of understanding the scope of the entire situation. Once a marriage ends, it can be challenging to decide who should replace a former spouse as the executor. There are many factors to consider and it is imperative for you to name someone who understands their responsibilities and is capable of carrying out their duties properly. For some people, a child is a suitable candidate, while others may name someone else as the executor.

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