A look at the breach of fiduciary duties

When it comes to the probate process, there are a wide variety of challenges that people on all sides may encounter. For example, a beneficiary may not believe that their loved one’s estate plan was distributed according to his or her wishes, while an executor may struggle with all sorts of different legal issues. However, the breach of fiduciary duties is often an especially tough issue for beneficiaries and executors alike. If you are in this position, you should go over the ins and outs of your circumstances from a legal perspective and know your rights.

Whether you are a beneficiary who is convinced that the executor failed to live up to his or her duties, or you are an executor who has been falsely accused of such wrongdoing, it is pivotal to take a close look at your different options before moving forward. Sometimes, these disputes can be particularly challenging when they involve family members. For example, two siblings may disagree on how an estate is handled, one being the executor and one being a beneficiary. Unfortunately, when these disputes are not handled efficiently, strain can be placed on the whole family, which can make life even more difficult for a family that is facing intense emotional pain following the loss of someone they loved.

As with all estate-related legal matters, handling allegations involving the breach of fiduciary duties properly is absolutely essential. If you click on the link to our probate and trust litigation section, you can read more on fiduciary duties.