Fiduciary duties and will contests

Unfortunately, all sorts of problems can arise with regard to a person’s estate after they pass away, such as disagreements with the way in which assets are distributed or tax issues. Sometimes, a will contest may arise over allegations that an executor breached his or her fiduciary duties. The Bingham Legal Group knows how hard this can be for executors, beneficiaries, and entire families in Michigan. When these disagreements arise, it is vital to carefully go over the ins and outs of the situation as you move forward.

If you are an executor, it can be very difficult to be accused of breaching your fiduciary duties, especially if you are innocent. On the other hand, you might be a beneficiary who believes that assets from your loved one’s estate were not distributed according to their wishes. Regardless of which side you are on, you should do what you can to work towards a peaceful solution. Sadly, these disputes can break up families and may also generate a great deal of stress, which can be particularly troubling for those who have a lot of emotional pain following the death of their loved one.

By reviewing your options carefully, you may gain a better understanding of the path forward that is right for you. If you can, you should attempt to reduce the negative emotions associated with will contests and work through these issues amicably. Over on our will contests page, you will be able to read more related to the breach of fiduciary duties and other topics.