Common reasons for siblings to argue over the family estate

In an ideal situation, going through a deceased loved one’s possessions and dividing up precious heirlooms might be a time to reflect and share precious memories. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are many valid reasons that family members might argue over the assets their parents or other relatives left behind. At the Bingham Legal Group PC, we understand that arguments over an estate can tear Michigan families apart, and we strive to prevent this from happening whenever possible.

According to NBC News, it is not uncommon for adult siblings to disagree over what was left for them in their parents’ or grandparents’ wills. Misunderstandings can also occur. The following points illustrate a few of the likely reasons you or your family members might be involved in a will contest:

  • More than one person might feel they have a right to claim a precious family heirloom, such as a piece of jewelry or the set of fine china.
  • The inheritance may have been divided unequally – for example, property left to you and cash or possessions divided among your brothers and sisters.
  • One sibling might have cared for your parents before their death, and feel that he or she deserves more of the inheritance in compensation.
  • Some of your family members may wish to exclude someone they claim was abusive or unscrupulous.
  • An estranged family member might have been left out of the will entirely.

It is not unreasonable to see any of these disagreements ending up in probate court, even if the will was clearly and strongly written. You may learn more about disputes among heirs by visiting our page on will contests.