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Conservatorship granted to daughter of Michigan-born celebrity

When a person reaches a certain point in his life, simple and routine tasks can be daunting. Physically or mentally limited, we turn to trusted guardians or other individuals to help us manage our medical and financial affairs.

Retired American disc jockey, Casey Kasem, now age 82, was born in Detroit and first worked there. He later contributed much to the Top 40 music radio program. Now, faced with dementia and failing health, the courts have become involved in making the decision to allow his daughter to make important decisions in his behalf.

A Superior Court has ordered the wife of the famous celebrity to respect the ruling that Kasem's daughter be allowed to see him and make decisions regarding his medical care.

The former disc jockey's daughter has been given permission to be her father's temporary conservator, following the court's discovery that Kasem had been taken out of the country. He was reportedly living with his current wife and unable to meet with medical or legal advisors due to his frail condition.

The judge, out of concern for the health and well-being of Kasem, ruled that the former musician's current address be made known and shared with the family and the court. To that end, the daughter was given permission to proceed with the help of private investigators. A hearing will take place within a month of the decision.

A spokesperson for the daughter issued a statement that she was happy with the court's ruling. She hoped that she could bring her father back home to provide him with the medical care he deserves.

As we age and are unable to make decisions for ourselves, sometimes the court must step in and with the assistance of guardians, help us to manage our affairs. In Michigan and elsewhere, in cases when a person's mental or physical capacity is diminished, it is necessary to seek help from an experienced legal advisor on these matters. We want to rest in peace knowing our wishes have been respected and carried out.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, "Judge Expands Casey Kasem’s Daughter’s Power As Conservator" The Associated Press, May. 20, 2014

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