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January 2014 Archives

Advance directives can provide peace of mind in difficult times

Dealing with a health crisis in the family can be very stressful. Working through uncertainty is challenging, and family members may be called on to make critical medical decisions when a loved one is incapacitated. Without guidance, it can be difficult to make the "right" decision, especially if there is dissent among family members.

Updating beneficiaries may be key to successful estate planning

Creating a last will and testament may provide a tremendous sense of relief to individuals and their loved ones. This feeling is understandable, since a person's assets and property will be distributed according to their own wishes, as opposed to Michigan state law. Interestingly enough, many people miss a critical step in estate planning to ensure their assets are bequeathed to the intended beneficiary: Updating the listed beneficiaries on certain financial assets.

Trusts may be an estate planning option for family pets

When preparing to create an estate plan, a person might take time to think of all the people and property that he or she considers important. At a certain point, people might begin to wonder what will happen to their beloved pet if they pass away before the animal does. Thankfully, Michigan law permits trusts to be created.

A study in copyright: Estate seeks to protect Sherlock characters

Over time, certain literary or movie characters enter into the realm of cultural icons. The significance of these figures can extend far beyond the lifetime of the individual who created them. As such, estate administration and planning becomes very relevant to this type of intellectual property.

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