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Radio personality's relatives spar over need for conservatorship

For many years, the voice of Casey Kasem -- a Detroit native -- graced radio waves across the country. In more recent years, however, Kasem's health has become a major concern for his family and fans alike. He is currently dealing with Parkinson's disease that has progressed to advanced stages.

Kasem's adult daughter Julie and her siblings were concerned that the radio legend wasn't receiving adequate care. As a result, Julie Kasem petitioned a court to name her conservator for her father. After testimony was gathered, the judge assigned to the case ruled that a temporary conservatorship isn't necessary at this time.

In the court filings, Julie Kasem indicated that she and her siblings were prevented from seeing their father. As a result, they became worried that their father wasn't receiving adequate care under the supervision of their stepmother, who has been married to Kasem for 33 years.

The stepmother's attorney pointed to estate planning documents created in 2011 that included directives for health-related decisions. This plan takes precedent over a 2007 document that listed Julie Kasem as the person in charge of the star's health care.

When a conservatorship order is enforced, it severely limits a person's ability to make health-related or financial decisions for themselves. At the same time, however, they can be helpful to cover those who are not capable of making their own decisions. Knowing the gravity of a conservatorship order, it is something that should be considered very carefully.

As Casey Kasem continues to deal with health concerns, the hope is that his well-being is evaluated regularly. If there are any critical developments, it may be important for the court to consider appointing a conservator down the road.

Source: The Associated Press, "Judge Rules Casey Kasem’s Care is ‘Adequate’ – For Now," Oct. 15, 2013

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