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October 2013 Archives

Choosing the right executor can ease estate administration

While going through the process of estate planning, people generally take time to consider the most important people and organizations in their lives. Once this assessment is made, it may become clear how assets and property will be distributed during estate administration.

Conversation is an important aspect of estate planning

Losing a loved one is a thought no one wants to dwell on. This is one reason why so many people have difficulty broaching the subject of estate planning. Furthermore, many people may be uncomfortable discussing financial matters with loved ones, which can also throw a wrench in estate planning conversations.

Radio personality's relatives spar over need for conservatorship

For many years, the voice of Casey Kasem -- a Detroit native -- graced radio waves across the country. In more recent years, however, Kasem's health has become a major concern for his family and fans alike. He is currently dealing with Parkinson's disease that has progressed to advanced stages.

Hastily created, administered trusts can create legal problems

After taking the time to sit down with an attorney to create an estate plan, a person may feel a sense of relief. Taking this step means that his or her loved ones probably won't have to squabble over assets and property or wonder how the testator would have wanted the assets to be distributed. Although this is an important step, estate plans may need to be updated occasionally, because a person's assets might shift and laws are subject to change.

Agreement brings years-long feud over heiress's estate to a close

Heiress Huguette Clark spent much of her life shrouded in privacy. Clark, whose fortune stems from the copper industry and the establishment of Las Vegas, chose to live outside of the public eye and lived in a hospital for the last two decades of her life. Just as Clark's life was surrounded by mystery, so was her death at the age of 104. Within a period of six weeks years before she passed, the heiress signed two drastically different wills, which triggered a contentious round of probate litigation.

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