Uncertainty as the executor of a will

If you have been placed in charge of a loved one’s estate plan, you may have uncertainty for a number of reasons, whether your loved one recently passed on or they just informed you that they decided to name you as the executor of their will. This is understandable and there are all sorts of factors related to estate plans that can give rise to uncertainty. However, by discussing this issue with your loved one if they are alive, or consulting a legal professional if they have passed away, you may be able to ease some of your concerns.

As the executor of a will, you have important responsibilities. You should feel honored that your loved one decided to place you in charge of his or her will and you should do your best to ensure that their estate is handled properly. You should be thoroughly aware of your responsibilities as the executor and you may want to prepare for certain challenges that could surface down the road. For example, you may find yourself in the middle of a dispute with a beneficiary over the way in which assets were distributed.

By knowing your rights and responsibilities you will be in a much better position to handle this estate plan. We also recognize that executors may have an especially hard time dealing with these responsibilities after losing someone who was very close to them. Over on our wills page, you can read more about relevant legal matters concerning your loved one’s will.