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Whether you are involved in a probate dispute or creating your first estate plan, our legal team provides attentive, dedicated service and zealous, effective representation.

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Estate Planning

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Strong And Comprehensive Representation For Probate Litigation

The intense emotions of losing a loved one can strain family relationships during probate, especially if there are concerns about how the estate is being handled or the actions of others. For over two decades, the legal team at Bingham Legal Group PC has provided strong, comprehensive representation using a solutions-oriented approach. We are effective in resolving probate disputes as well as all other aspects of estate administration. Whether there are concerns about breach of fiduciary duty, disagreements about inheritances, or conflicts regarding distributions, our attorneys are committed to advocating for our clients’ interests.

A Lifelong Advocate For Your Family

Bingham Legal Group PC’s legal team strives to be a long-term partner for their clients. From young couples who want to create their first will together to adult children whose parents have just passed away, Bingham Legal Group PC works one-on-one with their clients to help them make informed choices.

At Bingham Legal Group PC, you can trust that the guidance you receive comes from our skilled and knowledgeable team of attorneys and legal assistants working together for your benefit. Everyone at our firm is a valuable staff member who strives to create a good experience for our clients throughout every step of the legal process.

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