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    Representation for Probate Litigation & Administration

    The intense emotions of losing a loved one can strain family relationships during probate, especially if there are concerns about how the estate is being handled or the actions of others.

    Our attorneys have more than 60 years of experience helping clients plan their estate and set their affairs in order.

    “While the courtroom can be an unfamiliar and intimidating environment for many of our clients, and understandably so, it’s like a second home for me.”

    – Lauren M. Underwood

    A Lifelong Advocate

    For Your Family’s Affairs

    The legal team at Bingham Legal Group PC strives to be a long-term partner for their clients. From young couples who want to create their first will together to adult children whose parents have just passed away, Our team of Michigan estate planning lawyers work one-on-one with their clients to help them make informed choices about their assets and future.

    At Bingham Legal Group PC, you can trust that the guidance you receive comes from our skilled and knowledgeable team of attorneys and legal assistants working together for your benefit. Everyone at our Bingham law firm is a valuable staff member who strives to create a good experience for our clients throughout every step of the legal process.


    Solutions And Representation When You Need It Most

    Protecting your legacy with comprehensive estate planning will make a big difference to you and your loved ones toward the end of your life and after your death.

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    Your estate plan is not the place for taking risks

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    Could your case benefit from mediation or arbitration?

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    What Our Clients Say

    My experience with Bingham Legal Group, PC has been more than awesome. Every meeting or interaction I have with the firm is positive and I feel like the attorneys and staff are genuinely on my side and made my probate and estate experience exceptionally smooth. I have worked with the attorneys and staff for over two years and I wouldn’t dream of using another firm for estate planning and probate. Lauren, Dawna and Alyssa are very professional, delightful and efficient when answering my questions or addressing any and all of my concerns. Wonderful people to work with!

    Tiffany C

    Our office is extremely comfortable working with Bingham Legal Group or referring cases to them. They have a knowledgeable staff that is very responsive, and are true advocates for their clients.

    Melder & Melder PC

    Bingham Legal Group does outstanding probate work. I highly recommend Lauren Underwood.

    Chris M